Learning environments

Throughout the day, children have the ability to move and explore both indoor and outdoor learning environments. Learning spaces and experiences are designed in order to spark your child’s curiosity and through their inquisitive nature learn further.

Connections with families

We are here to support your child and family and build meaningful relationships. You are welcome throughout the day to drop in, spend time with your child or even come in during the day to have lunch or feed.

Small group sizes, mixed age groups

We offer a personalized approach to learning and focus on your child’s individual needs. This is why we operate with small group sizes.

Through mixed ages groups, children have a stronger sense of identity, a greater connection to community, are able to appreciate their own skills on a deeper level.

Frequent updates

Learning is fun! We don’t want you to miss out, and as such to keep you in the loop throughout the day through.

Upon enrollment with us, you can download Xplor home through the app store or google play and never miss a moment!